Remedy for urinary retention

Expression: Urination does not come out or drop small, lower abdomen is full of discomfort, mouth is thirsty, sometimes breathing is short …

Manifestations: Urination does not come out or come out small drops, lower abdomen is full of discomfort, mouth is thirsty, sometimes it causes shortness of breath, cough, yellow tongue moss, deep pulse or sagging.

Treatment: Gas removal, filling screw, low heat bar, diuretic.

Remedy: The barley is moist and combined with the melancholy song. White spirit 12g, royal bird 12g, tang Bach bao 12g, carpentry pine 10g, 10g mondo grass, far away from 10g and 10g coins, spotted areca (salt star) 12g, incense incense 20g, giant jelly 20g, injection 10g, real estate circulating 20g, east of death knots 12g, active jelly 20g, regulation of 20g, bare packaging 10g, octopus 30g. On a sharp ladder drink 3 times.

Prevention: Do not work too hard, stay mentally comfortable, avoid stress, not worry too much, not be angry, emotional suddenly. When people feel uncomfortable, take blood pressure daily. Do not eat hot spicy foods, indigestible foods, avoid prolonged insomnia. When you see an abnormal body, you should go for a medical examination to treat the disease in time.



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