Precious drugs from lemon

Lemon is a very popular fruit, there are many types: lemon paper, lime, lemon knob, Southern lemon, lemon peach …

Lemon is a very popular fruit, there are many varieties: lemon paper, lemon juice, lemon knob, southern lemon, lemon peach …

Lemon juice mixed with sugar is a very popular beverage. Thin lemon slices used to make women ‘skin more smooth and fresh.

Medically, most parts of the lemon are good medicines in traditional medicineand folk experience.

Pods : Occupies 13-24% of the weight of the fruit, contains pectin, Ca pectate (26.2%), flavonoid compound (0.55-0.75%) including hesperidin, naringin, neohesperidin, diosmin. Medicinal taste bitter, spicy, fragrant, warm, has a stimulating effect on the digestive system, causing a bowel movement, treat abdominal distention, indigestion, vomiting, and productive cough. Daily dose: 5-10g dried pods in the form of water. To treat high fever, convulsions in children, remove lemon peels, put them into clean cloth, rub all over the body like wind; Combined for drinking plenty of lemon juice. The pectin substance in the white porous part of the inner surface of the fruit peel has the effect of hemostatic, anti-diarrhea, often combined with kaolin. Lemon peel is also the raw material for producing essential oils.

Oil : The essential oil is obtained by pressing lemon scent with the aroma of fresh lemon. Ingredients of essential oils include citral (4-6%), D-limonen, camphen, terpinen, linalol, linalyl acetate, cadinen. Lemon essential oil must have at least 3% citral.

Lemon oil gently stimulates the digestive tract, enhances intestinal motility, promotes secretion of digestive juices and helps reduce sputum. Solution made from lemon essential oil (1 part) with water (10 parts) using massage on the skin or use lemon oil as an additive to bath water to cure or panic, fear, depression. One study found that the aroma of lemon essential oil in the form of a mist spray made the typing error rate decrease by 54%. The mixture of lemon essential oil and peppermint oil makes people work more focused, improving labor efficiency.

Lemon juice : Occupies 23-95% by weight of fruit, contains citric acid (6.56-7.84%), whole sugar (0.26-4.13%), protein, fatty oil, mineral salts, vitamin B1 , C.

In terms of cosmetics, lemon juice 5-10 drops smashed with 1 egg chicken egg white, applied to the face will reduce wrinkles on the skin. Lemon juice is mixed with strawberry juice, brushed and applied to the scalp, after cleansing to remove sebum and smooth hair.

In terms of medicine, lemon juice has a sour taste, calculated average, has the effect of heating, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, cure fever, Scurvy disease (lack of vitamin C). Pour lemon juice with little salt, swallow water gradually to cure sore throat, hoarseness, coughing, thirsty.

Use outside, lemon juice (half a teaspoon), mix with 1g camphor powder and 10g white caper root, use to cure dark spots, and mild.

 Lemon juice is also a raw material for making citric acid.
Lemon seeds : 5-7% of fruit weight, contains fatty oils including palmitric, stearic, oleic, linoleic and bitter lemonin. Medicinal materials are used in the following cases:

Cure long-term cough cough : 10g lime seeds, 10g kumquat seeds, 10g jelly leaves, 1 chicken black bile. All used fresh, washed, pounded, added sugar, steamed rice, drink 2-3 times a day.

Cure cough, bronchitis, loss of speech, especially in young children : 10g lemon seeds, 15g male papaya flowers, 15g chives, 200ml water. The medicinal herbs are crushed with water, add honey or diameter, drink 2-3 times a day. Use for a few days.

Cure constipation : Lemon seeds have just separated from the fruit zone from 10-20g, soaked in a cup of hot water for a few hours, the mucus surrounding the seeds will hatch and spread to a thick, liquid solution.

Cure poisoning : Lemon 10g seeds, alum 2g, ginger 2g. All pounded to add more water, rinse and drink once a day.

Snake bite : Lemon seed 15g, bitter melon seeds 10g, bear root 20g, jelly bone bone 12g, salt to eat some seeds. All to be fresh, crushed, soaked with 300ml of boiling water for 10 minutes, stir well and distil or filter. Adults drink two times 20 minutes apart. Children under 15 years of age, taking 1 / 4-1 / 3 adult doses (experience of people in Khanh Lam commune, Thoi Binh district, old Minh Hai province).

To make the most of the value of lemon and to have lemon and eat it all year round, we can preserve lemon in the following ways:

– Lemon salt : fruit (thin, watery type), put the stalks, wipe them cleanly, put them in the pail, put a blister on top to pour water into the lemon. Boil salt water very well, let it cool, pour it into lemon to submerge.

– Lemon marinated : Lemon fruit is washed, drained, mixed with a diameter of 1/1, only one layer of lemon is left on a layer of sugar (like strawberry, apricot).

– Lemongrass : Squeeze lemon juice, filter through curtain to remove seeds and shrimps, pour into disc (if small amount), or glaze tray (if large amount) into a thin layer to increase area vaporize. Expose the sun until it is a thick, sticky substance with a dark gray color.



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