Medication or evidence of defecation

Expression: constant belching, pain in the ribs of the ribs, dry mouth in the abdomen, defecation of the secret …

Manifestations: constant burping, painful ribs in the chest, dry mouth and fullness of the abdomen, defecation of secretions, golden tongue mosses of dry tongue, fanciful or weak veins

Treatment: Proposing to harmonize the gaseous position of air communication.

Remedy: Luc ma thang giau: incense 20g, wood incense 6g, tan lang 10g, umbrella 12g, only 8g, rhubarb 8g. Depending on the condition of the disease, some other tastes can be added to suit the situation, such as black chi (black sesame). On a sharp ladder drink 3 times.

Invite readers to read the part 3: ” Post-cure cure ” at 8 July 1, 2015



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