Grass painting – heat bar, diuretic

According to traditional medicine, the grass roots are sweet, cool, diuretic, cooling, blood-only, cool.

According to traditional medicine, the grass roots are sweet, cool, diuretic, cooling, blood-only, cool. Often used to treat hot conditions in the body of thirst, nosebleeds, nephritis, cystitis, urinary retention, red gold urine, … In the people often use grass roots to cook warm, diuretic drinks .

The grass also has another name such as chancre, cirrhosis, perennials, rhizomes growing deep in the ground, vertical, narrow, long hard leaves, leaf veins in the middle of development, upper face, face, face under the smooth, sharp edges of the leaves easily cut off the limbs. Flowers are self-shaped, white like cotton, the wind blows away very far.

Trees grow wild everywhere, especially in mountainous areas. The part used to make medicine is the rhizome of dried herbaceous plants, called capillaries.

Grass root roots are often combined with corn stubble with diuretic and cooling effects.

Some prescriptions use weedy grass

– Diuretic: Grass root root 30g, 40g beard, far away from 25g, chrysanthemum 5g, all mixed, each time get 50g brake with boiling water and drink in the day. Use for 10 days.

– Urinary catheterization (used for cases of urinary retention facilities): 30g grass root, 40g corn beard, 25g coded code, 5g chrysanthemum. All finely chopped, mixed well. Use 50g daily with about 1 liter of water, divided into drinks during the day when thirsty. Children 6-14 years old, only 25g daily, mixed with about half a liter of water.

– Tri urination, urination due to low heat: Grass root roots 20g, 16g bamboo leaves, flavor 16g, 20g mausoleum, strawberry leaves 16g, fish lettuce 20g. Sac drank on 1 ladder divided 2 times.

– Heat, diuretic and edema: Grass roots 15g, intention of 50g, 50g corn, 15g corn bear. First, the grass roots and corn stalks take water, then it is suggested and corn is cooked into a porridge once a day. Use 5-7 days.

– Support for treatment of urinary tract infection, dysuria, small urine: 12g grass root, 80g mulberry, 12g code, 12g chilli, 16g dandelion, 10g cereal grass, licorice soil 8g. Excellent with 1 liter of water, 300ml remaining, divided 2 times taken before meals. Drink from 5-7 days.

– Support for treatment of kidney stones: Grass root roots 20g, prehistoric needles 20g, draft codes 20g, pine needles 10g, lentils 20g, virgin 20g, grinders 16g. Sac drank on 1 ladder divided 2 times. Use 1 week in a row.

– Support treatment of cystitis: 10g of grass root, 15g of beard, 10g of chubby, 15g water lily, 10g of lettuce. All put in warm water and pour 500ml of 250ml water, divided into 2 times a day. 7 days 1 course.

Note: Pregnant women should not take it.



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