Good medicine for the lion

Depending on the circumstances and specific conditions, parents can select and process dishes – medicine (good medicine) that can enhance the general health and the brain in particular for their children in the period. exam.

Depending on the circumstances and specific conditions, parents can select and process dishes – medicine (good medicine) that can enhance the general health and the brain in particular for their children in the period. exam . This article would like to introduce some typical formulas for parents to consult and apply.

Lesson 1: Ha thue 15g, 15g death, 9g solitude, 1 pig pig tail cleaning boiled over, cut the paragraph. All in a small fire stew pot with 800ml of water, she can still 300ml of water, eat pig tail, drink juice. Uses: good for kidneys, strengthening mental power.

Lesson 2: Spinal cord cow 150g, cordyceps 5g, 10g paint, fresh ginger, onions and spices just enough. All in jars of china, marinated with spices, add 50ml of water, cover the mouth tightly, then steam in water for about 60 minutes, divide the food several times. Uses: useful tonic crystals, sedative-coated, used very well for students who are physically weakened.Lesson 3:

Quail (boneless) 150g, 50g pig spinal cord, 40g longan, alum sugar 40g, 5g onion, fresh ginger, spices and chicken broth just enough. Quail clean the pieces, drain; The pig’s marrow passes through, eliminating fibrous tendons; dried longan using warm water; Fresh ginger smashed. All put in a bowl to bring steam to the water. Uses: supplementing the five organs, mental security, increasing mental capacity, improving memory.

Lesson 4: 1 pig pig brain, 15g black ear fungus, just enough vegetable oil and spices. Pig brain washes away blood veins; The wood ear soaked in warm water to hatch. Put oil in a pan, heat it up and pour in the wood ear to stir; continue to feed the pig pulp and half a bowl of water to simmer for 30 minutes, seasoning, to eat hot. Uses: private kidney tonic, active blood gas utility, very good for students who study too stressful that generate fatigue, headache, dizziness, attention reduction, forgetfulness …

Lesson 5: Quail eggs 20 fruits, 10 fruits, lychee 10 fruits, lotus seeds 20 seeds, big apple 5 fruits, 6g cereals, 60g sugar. Eggs boiled quail, peeled; labels, cloth and apples; lotus seeds give up mind. All put in the pot with alum sugar, make enough water and simmer for about 30 minutes to be okay, divide the food several times a day. Uses: spleen taste, blood maintenance, sedative brain supplement, used for students with heart failure, heart or anxiety, insomnia, forgetfulness, poor eating, dilute liquid defecation.

Lesson 6: Field 15g, circuit 15g, born apple kernel 15g, telecom 3g. All brakes with boiling water in closed containers, after 20 minutes, can be used, drink tea instead of the day. Uses: good for kidneys, mental health, very good for students who are thin, tired, sleepless, prone to nervous stress.

Lesson 7: Strawberry ripe (secretly) 250g, honey 100g. Washed strawberries, squeezed water, mix well with honey and then she uses a small fire until it becomes a dense form, drink twice a day, 30ml each time. Uses: private sound supplement blood, brain events useful mind, increase memory, improve sleep, used for students because of learning too stressful that arises insomnia, forgetfulness, attention reduction.



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