Fabric and medicine dishes are good for both sexes

Litchi fruit is not only a delicious fruit that many people love, the fabric also gives us many precious medicines. However, few people know about the use of kidney, positive, prolonged life of this wild fruit.

Litchi fruit is not only a delicious fruit that many people like, the fabric also gives us many precious medicines. However, few people know about the use of kidney, positive, prolonged life of this wild fruit.

Fresh cloth soaked alcohol drink good for nervous and physical and also impotence.

According to Oriental medicine, the cloth has the effect of benefiting the mind, the Bhikkhu and the kidneys, adding the blood, nourishing the body, alerting the mind, clarifying the mind, increasing the strength, increasing the body temperature, spreading the penis, digging the body, making beauty beauty. Here are some good remedies from litchi fruit for both sexes.

Supplementing kidneys with positive coated, blood-producing births, aerosolizing benefits, darkening hair whiskers and prolonging life:

Lesson 1: ginseng 24g, field 15g, anniversary 15g, positive sex or 9g, telegraph 9g, clove 9g, incense incense 3g, 9g leucorrhea, humiliation 7g, 1,000ml white wine. The medicine slices, soaked with alcohol in a closed container, after about 7-10 days can be used. Drink 1 cup a day, drink the lips slowly little by little, say as the ancient people have to drink a thousand times to stop a cup of wine (the most natural gods apply).

Lesson 2: fresh cloth, 200g shrimp, 200g vegetables, salt 1/5 teaspoon, 1/4 spoon sugar, 1/4 spoon starch, chicken egg white, 3 tablespoons water. Fabrics removed from shells and seeds. Then add all the ingredients to marinated shrimp for about 30 minutes to the blender, then squeeze the pellet into the litchi, put it in the pot, heat the steam for 5 minutes and display it on a plate. Mix water, salt, sugar, starch together for a small fire to simmer for about 5 minutes, then add chicken egg whites to make sauce. Ripe boiled broccoli on the side of the plate, pour sauce on top of a stuffed shrimp cloth, so finish the dish.

Neurological and physical depression, impotence:

Lesson 1: fresh cloth (500-1,000g) soaked in 1 liter of alcohol 7-10 days. Drink in the evening, 25-30ml each time.

Lesson 2: Dry 10 fruits, eat in the evening for a period of 1-2 months. Best in cool seasons (autumn, winter).

Men with inguinal hernia, testicular pain:

Remove cloth seeds, drain, cut the navel, peel off the hard, brown outer shell, cut the tubers into 3-5mm thin sheets, dry or dry, golden stars; recovery (stars over), lashed (tangerine seeds) gold stars. All 3 taste, spread fine powder, drink with warm water, 2-3 times a day, 6-8g each time. Children follow age reductions. It is also possible to use only burnt cotton seed into charcoal, mixed with drinking alcohol, at a dose of 4-6g. Or take fabric seeds processed in the above way, bare packaging, 10g, gold star, 3g sulfur. Used as a fine powder. 2 divided doses during the day.

Women with dysmenorrhea or postpartum abdominal pain:

Litchi seeds contain 20g of aroma, 40g of flavored aroma cans of fine powder, 6-8g of drinking with dilute salt water or rice. Day 2 times.

Fetus, rapid contractions after childbirth:

Lesson 1: fresh litchi 500g drink. Or drink alcohol.

Lesson 2: dry cloth pulp 10 colors to drink.

Abstinence: People are suffering from positive disease, fire heat, and people who are damaged by fire, high blood sugar should not eat cloth.



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