8 nutritious dishes, heat up the hot day

The hot days make your body tired, choosing for yourself and your family delicious dishes, ensuring proper nutrition in these hot days is the concern of housewives.

The hot days make your body tired, choosing for yourself and your family delicious food, ensuring proper nutrition in these hot days is a concern of housewives. Please introduce some nutritious dishes, appropriate heat bar summer day weather.

Soup egg tomato suitable for people with weakness, poor eating.

Chicken egg soup with tomato: tomato 250g, 2 egg chicken eggs, cooked in soup or stir-fry water. Used for cases of body weakness, poor eating.

Tea with chicken egg lotus seed powder: 30g lotus seed, 1 – 2 chicken eggs, 30 – 50g sugar. Lotus seeds cooked well, stirring with melted sugar, beating eggs, stirring and ripe, feeding before going to bed. Used for cases of body weakness, neurasthenia.

Coconut sticky rice porridge: young coconut pulp half left, sliced; sticky rice 50 – 80g. Cooking porridge. Feed twice a day. Used for cases of body weakness, long-term loss of energy, poor appetite, constipation.

Sesame porridge : black sesame (black pepper) 30g, 100g rice. The roasted sesame is smooth and the rice is porridge; Ripe porridge for black sesame stirred just to be boiled, fed a few times a day. For cases of debilitating body, premature gray hair, dizziness and headache, constipation, anemia.

Homemade kudzu: 30g tapioca, 50g glutinous rice. Water soaked rice 1 night bring porridge with cassava flour, add salt or sugar to eat. Used as a refreshment food during summer heat, good for hypertension, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic spleen diarrhea.

Beef porridge: 100g beef, 80 – 100g rice. Thin sliced beef, cooked with rice into porridge. When porridge is served, freshly grated ginger, sliced onions, fish sauce, salt, pepper, stir well, served hot. Used for cases of physical weakness, back pain in the knee.

Grilled tubers: 30g pharmaceutical paint, 50g glutinous rice. Cook porridge with white sugar or optional salt. Eat light and dark, eat hot. Used for cases of spleen damage, diarrhea, blood gas damage, loss of appetite, dry mouth and thirst, constipation.

Pity: a half-pig’s stomach (pig intestine 100-150g), 100g rice. Pig’s stomach is washed, boiled, sliced. Rice cooked porridge. Porridge is cooked, the pig’s stomach or intestines are boiled in, stewed to simmer, add spices. Used for cases of exhaustion fatigue due to overwork, especially after a long period of illness.



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